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I gotta get this off my chest [update]

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[I know, yet I don’t care. Venture within.]

Joss Whedon sucked the life out of Justice League to appease the studio, and now we are all paying for it. The love it or hate it essence of Zach Snyder has been erased almost completely just to get 1 daily extra screening per theater without attempting to make anything other than a serviceable movie for profit.


I rather have Snyder’s big budget arthouse films that pisses some people off for being too long to try to tell his story than this Disney-esque, ‘80's Saturday morning cartoon abomination that only little kids could enjoy. The movie is edited in such a way that you will feel sorry for everyone on screen. All of their hard work wasted on the cutting room floor.

“Josh Whedon’s” Justice League is the 2017 version off Byran Singer’s Superman Returns’ unrelenting sappiness and ill advised super child piano throw, all filter through Barney the purple dinosaur.


And the special effects/motion capture are no better than early 2000's Xbox/PlayStation 2 games.


When (or IF) Snyder returns, he will be digging out off a BIG hole made by Whedon, the producers, and the studio. And if you’re wondering, Patty Jenkins can’t fix this mess unless the studio execs get replaced.


Also, Whedon has apparently never heard of “Perception is reality”:


Update @ 3:34pm EST:

More shots fired:


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