I gotta say, Ford's Expedition paint quality is despicable.

This Expedition EL is only a 2011 and it gets washed weekly. Despite this, the tailgate paint is peeling (not even rusting, just peeling) badly and it’s rusting under all the plastic cladding. Sad thing is that Expeditions that look even worse than this are so common where I live, so it’s not just a rare thing.


Despite that, I really would love to offroad this thing. It’s a 2WD whale but I bet it would look dapper with chunky ATs, a winch bumper, and cargo on the roof.

Review soon! Ugh, I wish my Ranger had this bolt pattern, I’d steal these wheels from my parents in a heartbeat!


I also already have a ton of upgrades lined up for the Ranger. What’s wrong with me? Why am I getting this truck fever?!?!?

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