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For whatever reason, I’ve still not received any unemployment benefits. I applied, and have filed my weekly claims. I have two confirmed payments of zero dollars, even though it says I’m supposed to be getting the amount listed on my file. It’s not like the money is “on the way” or maybe got sent to the wrong account or anything: the state says $0.00. Even though I was laid off, am not working, am not receiving any pay of any kind. To compound issues further, I’ve received the two standby approvals from the state (latest one running to May 4th, when the current shelter-in-place order expires.


So I’m unemployed. I’ve filed. I’m approved for an amount. I’m approved for standby. But I’m making zero dollars. I gotta say, I knew I would be making less on unemployment... but going down to zero dollars in the short term is actually really really really really really really bad.

Of course the system is overloaded and you can’t call in. Phone lines won’t even let you remain on hold. I’ve sent three emails within my account asking, “pardon me, but ?!?!?!?!?” And I requested a scheduled callback. Earliest callback available? MAY 19th.


It’ll maybe, possibly, eventually get resolved, and in theory I would be back-paid what I should have gotten over the last two weeks. But I have this extreme fear that apparently I won’t be receiving a penny until after May 19th. Meaning my income between 3/25 and 5/19 — about 56 days or so — will be zero dollars. This could get very ugly for me.

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