Every so often, you get what sounds like a perfect recipe. It has all the right ingredients, seemingly in all the right proportions. Then they’re all added together, and the result is a bit crap.

All the ingredients were there, and yet the end results simply didn’t add up.

See, I read these statements as “What cars/configurations looked good on paper but were lackluster or meh when they were actually built” not “What cars should have/could have been good”. Z8 is a good example to me. Maybe the Shelby Series 1?

The mid-late C3 thing is what hangs me up.


It’s very obvious that the car can be great (hell, maybe even deserves to be great) with little more than the money under your couch cushions. The aftermarket is huge and you can modify the hell out of it.

But that doesn’t jive with the tagline. The ingredients are NOT there. You need to put them in yourself, with the exception of the trans and center section. The pieces were not there to make it a good car.


Anybody else read the question like I did? Looks like I’m in the strong minority.