I guess I need to paint my garage doors.

I love my wife.... I really do. She has such a big heart and thinking up activities to do with the children, like painting a murder scene on the garage doors, and instead of using washable paint (because the rain will wash it off) She used acrylic.

Any other suggestions to get this shit off? The Mr. Clean eraser started taking the white paint off. And the green scrub pads with soap leave the green scuffs.


I had some degreaser stuff that worked on the top layer, but the door had like divots and it’s in all the creases.

I also tried a gas power washer from work and it didn’t touch it. And of course I hit the driveway to see if anything happened and BAM!!! My driveway is apparently dirty and needs power washed. So I did the next logical thing and just power washed the driveway, except for this last section and I ran out of gas.

I’m also refusing to remove the jack-o-lanterns from the lights until we move out of Halloweentown. She is somewhat embarrassed at this and I’ll leave it on so she looks at her fuck up everytime she pulls into the driveway.


My wife’s next solution, paint them red and put a big bow on them.


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