I guess I own an SUV now

Going to be moving from the flatlands of KS to Colorado, so a proper method of transportation for winter is required.. in comes the only SUV I’ve ever liked:


It’s a 2018 4runner TRD Off Road Premium. Added came the Sunroof, TRD Pro wheels & skid plate, and predator side steps.

Having never owned an SUV its definitely a change, not used to all the body roll and weight when trying to accelerate and slow down, but it’s fun nonetheless. Already went camping once at a nearby lake, lots of storage room and 4x4 has already dug itself out of some snow, which is good practice before moving to the real winter in Colorado.

Looking forward to adding some better AT tires and small mods like amber fog lights to be more capable. On top of some subtle blacking out of trim pieces on the outside, but not 100% sure on that yet.

I’ve only put 500 miles on it, so my experience is limited to commuting 2 miles to and from work and the 45 mile drive from the stealership. So far tho, I’m enjoying it’s comfort and subtle ride.


With this I no longer have a fun car... which means I get to save up for one down the road ^_^ been really thinking of something light and nimble but not all that powerful, a la 4c.

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