Here’s what my inbox looks like right now:

I’ve got a few parts orders going. I picked up seat rail extenders from American Muscle, a Hurst shift lever to attach to my Pro 5.0 shifter, door hinge plates, and a full interior fasteners kit.


The rail extenders are awesome, I was way up on the wheel and it’s a lot more comfortable now with the seat moved back. But because of that, I needed the new shift lever...I’m about 3 inches further back and really need to reach for 1-3-5 right now.

Door hinge plates...I’m slightly annoyed I needed to buy them. The previous owner took the hinges off for god knows what reason and the bolts didn’t agree with the idea. He thought I’d need to cut the body open, but luckily I could access the plates just by reaching behind them.

And my interior fastener kit. Allegedly I’ve got all the hardware to put this car back together, but I’ve seen two small baggies of screws and that’s it. So for $50 I’ve got everything in the interior, bagged and labeled for easy assembly. I might have to get creative when it comes time to put the exterior back together.

Regardless, ordering parts is basically the best thing there is. Well, I guess technically having a car you want to order parts for is the best, but actually ordering the parts is second best.

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