I guess it IS a Merry Christmas after all

A while back I posted that I had an interview. Apparently it went well, because I start on the 8th.

I’ll make about $1 more per hour, but the best part is full benefits including life insurance. At my current job I didn’t get any benefits at all. It might be way longer hours, but I’ll be ok with that. Also, raises will be often and they have a bonus plan too. I gave my notice to my current employer on Friday.

Does this song ever get old? I don’t think so.

To celebrate, I picked up a bottle of the Balvenie 12 Y.O., which I haven’t had in a long time. And I can’t have it yet, because I’m sick as a dog.


I hope everyone has as good a Christmas as I’m having. (Except for the cold, obviously.)

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