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I guess it’s time to record all the happenings around my house.

I leave my car unlocked. There isn’t anything of mine in the of any value. But last night someone went through my car and the van and dig out all the crap from the glove box and my center counsel. A bunch of receipts were sprawled around my seat and my owners manual was out of the glove box.

Similar for the van, but I found out later when my wife went on a day trip to the country with her sister her sister left her wallet in our van and it’s gone.


Well now that sucks.

None of our neighbors camera got anything but me getting ready for work at 4:50am. (This job site is 1.5 hour drive)


So what’s a good system for a few cameras and some sort of storage system for the house? I guess I may need to buy a computer to work it or something.

They left my $200 makita circular saw in the back seat, wtf?

This sucks.... for my sister-in-law.

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