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I guess my body is real fucked up

I saw a registered massage therapist to see what they’d recommend for the back pain I have and the tl;dr is that I have a tremendous amount of tension in my back, shoulders, and neck. At one point, she said “it was like popping bubble wrap”, which I definitely felt and heard in my body.

I was told to see a doc about the back pain I was feeling so she didn’t focus around there too much since it could be a possible problem with the discs as opposed to a muscular issue.


These are the joys of aging. Gotta take exercising and stretching more seriously, something I neglect due to my mental state a lot of the time. Thank fuck I have some medical coverage for this since a) Canadian public healthcare doesn’t cover this kind of thing, amongst many other things that are not covered, and; b) this shit is a bit over $100 a pop. Given what I was told, I’ll probably need more therapy than the coverage I have will cover annually.

I always learn things the hard way, and more regular exercise probably would have been a strong preventative measure. Still, better to start late than never, I guess. Despite the soreness in my shoulders, I feel a level of (natural) relaxation that I haven’t felt in a while.


Stay healthy, oppos.

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