I guess my car is "rare"

I enjoy looking at data so I found a thread on the Saab 92x forum about production numbers for the ‘05-’06 Saab 92x in the US and Canada. Later on in the thread a few years later, there is a guy suggesting he has a spreadsheet with breakdowns by packages and colors. Hoping to also find some data on how many of those are still on the road to really determine how rare my new purchase is going to be.


Here’s some analysis:
2005 (8,514 cars produced)
Aero 5MT 1,937 24.71%
Aero 4EAT 1,353 17.26%
Linear 5MT 1,911 24.38%
Linear 4EAT 2,638 33.65%
7,839 100%

Canada (est.)
Aero 5MT 167 24.74%
Aero 4EAT 117 17.33%
Linear 5MT 163 24.15%
Linear 4EAT 227 33.63%
675 100%

2006 (1,832 cars produced)
Aero 5MT 235 16.17%
Aero 4EAT 103 7.09%
Linear 5MT 469 32.28%
Linear 4EAT 646 44.46%
1453 100%

Canada (est.)
Linear 5MT 183 48.28%
Linear 4EAT 196 51.72%
379 100%




So of the total Aero models produced between 2005 and 2006 in the US and Canada, my car is 1 out of 3912. Thats not all that rare but certainly more so than my Miata! But when you go deeper, its 1 out of 2339 manuals produced. For US only manuals, its 1 out of 2172. Then since its a 2006, its only 1 out of 235 manual Aeros in the US! That is actually rare.

Like I had said, I want to find out how many black 2006 manual aeros there are with the winter package in the US that are still on the road. That number should be well below 100! I think there are more than 100 blue LS package Miatas in just the Northeast alone lol.

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