I guess the Ninja didn't want to go outside...

It's raining and windy here, but I needed to run to the body shop. The only vehicle I have handy right now is the Ninja and I wanted to get her out and about again anyway so I grabbed my gear and went to fire her up. She sounds a bit puny on the starter and won't spring to life. I assume it's just a low battery and push her out of the garage to roll start her. Nothing. Even though I push her up to almost 10 MPH and pop the clutch all I get in response is what I interpret to be sassy motorcycle for "nuh uh, I ain't going out there".

Eventually I gave up, pushed her back in the garage and hooked a jump pack to her. Even then it took quite a lot of cranking to force her to wake up. It could have been bad gas or she just didn't want to go out in the rain... I'm leaning toward the latter, but at least she did start and I got a little riding in, even if it was raining.


I guess I will finally go buy her a new battery this year and might as well get a chain while I'm at it. Here, have a pic of the end of the road (at least as far as we were getting with performance tires on street bikes) from one of our past rides.

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