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I Guess Today Is Crash Test Thursday

So long as I’m not crashing into anything much heavier than a S-Class, looks like I’ll be okay! *Whew*

The second gen smart has the most “failures” to worry about. In both the IIHS test and the NHTSA tests, a door latch failed and the door was able to open freely.


The IIHS also tossed (at 40mph) a C-Class (2009) at a second gen smart (2009) and the smart did poorly. To the smart’s credit, that generation of C-Class weighed just an occupant or two short of a crossover or small SUV.

However, that test does seem to imply that second gen smarts are slightly “softer” than the first and third gens, which both can take on the even heavier S-Class (weight comparable to a Tahoe or Ford F-150) with much better results in similar tests.


Real world second gen smart performance seems to disagree with the crash tests, with plenty of crashes with large vehicles with the smart driver coming out okay. Why? That’s something that will likely never be known. My estimation is that most front end second gen smart crashes involve more front surface area than the test had. The handful of fatal second gen smart crashes out there almost exclusively involves larger vehicles (like a van) and speeds of around 55+ mph.

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