Like all dreams, it was very vivid in my half-awake state. I tossed and turned a little in disbelief of what was going on.

Then I sat upright and looked at my alarm clock...still a little early. But that dream seemed like more of a thought and it really stuck with me. I laid back down on my pillow and looked at the ceiling, playing the event over in my head. I went over every step of the dream and analyzed whether or not it did, or even could, happen. It didn't make sense to all.

I drifted in and out of consciousness for another hour or so before I finally woke up. Exact details of the dream became obscured as I walked across the house to check my driveway. Sitting in the bright morning sun was a lovely red Focus ST.


What was this dream I had? That a local dealership called me to say that my custom spec'd Chevy Traverse had arrived and that I could arrange my trade in today.


I knew it was a dream because I would never buy anything from any of that dealer's lots, let alone a crossover in general.

Let's be real...this isn't even a fair trade.