I did save a big ass toad from my pool. I am taking Toby to Lost Lake Park, and then I get to read and revise an opposition to some stupid bullshit that boils down to greedy lawyers doing greedy shit that benefits only themselves. Weeks like this are part of the deal. Not just case stress, but internal drama and employee issues as I grow are draining. I can’t complain too much - it pays well. But I have been unhappy these last couple of weeks nonetheless.

I have been reminded that the real focus for me needs to be putting this business in saleable condition to fund my next move in life. This thing never ends, and there is no victory to be had. It has to serve my purpose and be done.


A longtime client of mine sold all their cows and closed their dairy a few years ago, having diversified over the years into other types of farming. He told me “the cows did their job. They got us the ground. But that job is done and they served their purpose.” I think about that almost every day, because it seems like a wise perspective. I don’t want to be attached to the thing I do for its sake, I want it to know when it has done its job, and not get so caught up in the thing itself that I don’t let it serve its purpose and its job be done.

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