For a couple days I had been under the impression that, after storing it for the better part of a decade, my car’s engine had a catastrophic failure and I would never drive it again...

I dreamed it had snowed a bunch and I was finally up early enough to beat the plows. The DSM was running perfect. No odd quirks of a project car to hamstring my fun this time.

I’m driving around my old neighborhood when I come up on the snowy sort-of culdesac thing where the childhood mean-kid used to live- a nice big round expanse of asphalt, now covered in snow.

...and I just rip into the most perfect sno nuts.

Emboldened, I pop my upper torso out of the sunroof (s’actually just a tilting moon roof in real life, but—dreams).


Because of the magic of dreams I am now kneeling on the roof of the car as its still perfectly spinnng on its axis, chainsaw of the 4G63 buzzing away.

I tilted my head back and spread my arms wide, twirling away...


PS Happy ending- the “rebuilt” starter shorted while I was driving and stalled the car- which at the time sounded like the pistons had just seized or something horrible so I had been waiting days for this new mechanic to give me some very bad news which turned into great news. I mentioned check the starter first but I thought it was the end. New gasoline and a starter made it sound about as pretty as an overbored 4G can.