I had a crash today (follow up with pics!)

So as some of you know, I had a crash. Both me and the other party were alright, but I promised the full story later tonight and pics as well, so here I post.

Despite not really being a driver anymore, I do sometimes grab one of our work trucks (I work for O'Reilly, for those who don't know) and go on deliveries. Today I grabbed our '07 Ford Ranger and was making a stop in town then hitting the interstate for a smaller town 20 miles away. The first stop paid cash (this is relevant later on). After I got on the interstate, and got up to 75 (the speed limit around here) I noticed that the cash had fallen from the cupholder down into the floorboard, and since my shoes were wet, I didn't want it down there. So I looked ahead, saw just one other truck in front of me, another Ranger, which was a good 400 yards or so ahead, so I figure I'm good to make the attempt to scoot the cash back towards my hand and get it up. I look down for a few seconds, get the cash, look back up, and see the Ranger I saw before, maybe 20 yards away and my closing speed is insanely fast. I slam the brakes, maybe lose 5-10mph, and hit the truck anyway. Airbag deploys (never had that happen to me before, was a shock) and we both pull to the right onto the shoulder and stop. I feel alright, and my first thought is to jump out and ask if the other driver is ok. She is getting out, and it is an old lady, probably 70's or so, and she screams at me "WHY DID YOU DO THAT? WHY WOULD YOU HIT ME? I WAS GOING 45 BECAUSE I HAVE A KNOTTED TIRE!" I'm understandably confused, and I'm like 'ma'am, are you ok? I didn't mean to hit you, I had no idea you were going so slow and I was looking at the floorboard, I'm so sorry" and she starts to calm down. She apparently thought I hit her on purpose because she was going slow. What kind of nutjob would do that? Anyway, her truck doesn't look too bad, I just bent the bumper and dented the bed, but mine is all smushed in front, hood bent up, bumper laying on the road, frame bent back underneath slightly. We both seem to be ok, and she explains that she had been looking all morning for a used tire but nobody had one in my town, so she was on the way to the next town over and driving slow because she didn't want a blowout. I didn't point out that 45 in a 75 with no hazards on is incredibly dangerous (although given the situation it was pretty obvious) And I also didn't mention that maybe the access road, with a limit of 55, would have been a better choice, mainly because I felt like a heel already, and we were both shook up pretty bad. Troopers show up, take all the info, give me a ticket for failure to control speed (fair enough, although I think distracted driving might have been more appropriate, or maybe failure to dodge) he gives her a paper, which may or may not have been a ticket, I didn't ask, then I called my boss and a tow truck for our Ranger, and my wife to come take me to the hospital, as per company procedure. During this time the lady gets in her truck and proceeds on...STILL DRIVING 45 ON THE GODDAMN INTERSTATE! Lordy. Anyway, could have been a lot worse, and I learned that no matter how observant I am usually (very) I can still screw up. My wife had a field day with that one, as I usually critique her ability to notice stuff while driving...heh. I didn't get any pics of the other Ranger, but here's ours:


Our repair estimate came back at 8 freaking grand, which I kinda think is BS, considering they want us to replace stuff that isn't even damaged, but whatever, maybe we'll get another new Frontier like we did last time one of our Rangers was wrecked. This makes two (*minor) accidents while driving for O'Reilly in the last 2 years, plus an off-work speeding ticket, so I sit at 14 out of 18 points for continuing to drive for work. One more ticket and no more work driving for me, which kinda sucks, but most of my job keeps me out of the trucks anyway, so eh. I'm just glad it wasn't like the only real wreck I've had, which was more along these lines:


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