I had a day

This was a day of scrambling to get caught up and stress. I never really got off the phone, and it was just difficult all day. I am on my own tonight, with the family tied up in other things.


My wife is at a Board meeting for a nonprofit that raises money for one of our kids’ activities, and it is going to get ugly. You see, they asked me for legal advice about corporate governance and it came out badly.

The thing is completely fucked. I did not look close enough to prove it or make an accusation, but shit like this simply does not exist without someone stealing.

So I did my ethical duty and told them they were fucked up and need to fix it. My wife is on the Board (which is how I knew it needed some fixing). The Board is meeting tonight to discuss my advice. I think I am not very popular right now.


I have to drive to Salinas tomorrow for mediation, and then I have to speak at a conference in Monterey on risk management for industrial accidents in agriculture. You will be riveted if you get to go.

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be lawyers.

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