I had a dream...

...last night. I was getting a rental car with two other colleagues from work at an airport. It was a gray CT6 with gray cloth interior. And it must have had bench seats, because we were sitting three across in front.

But then we had to get another car because one of the other two had set it on fire with his cigarette by accident, and it was the last CT6 on the lot. I was disappointed because I have always wanted to drive one and didn’t get the chance. All of a sudden, we were surrounded by other cars on the lot that all had dark green velvet interiors and exteriors. Also, I’m fairly certain they were all Panther bodies. Dream me somehow thought this was awesome.


Also, the end of the terminal had a really good fried rice booth run by an Indian woman, and she used Basmati rice.

It was a restless night. Thank goodness for Friday. I’m leaning hard on coffee today.


Green Lincoln for your time.

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