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I had a dream last night

It was weird. I rarely remember dreams, and when I do have no desire to share them, but this one was too vivid and weird. Car related, so I’ll share it here. This is some of the content:

-Michael J. Fox
-Robert Downey Jr., looking disheveled and wearing a cheap shiny suit, talking shit about Michael J. Fox and BTTF while smoking, drinking brown liquor from a bottle, and driving wildly and hanging out of the following two cars (as shot from a lead car while underway)
-1976 Dodge Firearrow with no doors and DMC badges
-early 80’s Honda Accord hatchback with no doors and DMC badges
-dirt roads through some woods
-time travel with Panteras and a strange woman
-Venice, Italy, which it turns out Panteras are unsuitable for
-Scenes with Cherry Blossom trees and stone bridges like in Gran Turismo 6 photo travel mode
-bad guys
-old leather & glass flying goggles


Granted I’ve been sleeping poorly with a newborn in the room, but this is something else. I had the dream in my last burst of sleep between about 6am and 7:30, after rocking the baby from about 4-6. I felt ok, if groggy then. I generally don’t drink during the week, but I only had 1 beer last night and woke up with what feels like a crushing hangover after the dream, as if I was Robert Downey Jr.

No explanation. I haven’t watched BTTF recently, but I have the DeLorean Hot Wheels on my desk. I’ve never actually seen a 1976 Firearrow, and the Accord was a 5-door hatchback, which I’m not sure was ever built. I saw a Pantera a couple weeks ago. I am reading the last book of the Hyperion Sci-Fi series, which may have contributed. And my description of the cars does not do them justice. They were like Mad Maxian/Dirt track race car/Jeeps. So damn weird. I hope this doesn’t happen again.

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