I was driving back to school yesterday and was making a turn in the apartment complex I live in. There was a light dusting of snow but nothing that had me concerned. I have made that turn a million times, it was practically second nature, and because of that I was probably going to fast. I hit the brakes, turn the wheel and nothing happens, I just keep sliding straight. Underneath that light dusting of snow was sheet ice. I go into panic mode and simply try to limit the damage.

In a major stroke of luck I missed the large solid mound of ice by 6 inches or so, and on the other side missed a tree by about 2 inches. At this point I’m wedged on a large chunk of ice and the exhaust is sounding very bad. I got some help from some of the people that lived around there and we got the car out and I’m on my way. It still drives but sounds really bad. I’m worried that I punched a hole in the exhaust or jacked up the manifold or something else catastrophic. I took it into a shop this morning, and a few minutes ago I got a call back. Dreading to hear the damage he tells me all thats wrong one of the flanges got bent and it’ll cost $60 to fix. I just about cried with joy.

So yeah, fucked up, but got insanely lucky with the consequences.