I went to a 944 event at a local euro shop, learned things, drove some things, and may have even found a new job, maybe.

The event was on how to rebuild 944 motors with good and bad experiences, the suspension and racing and track experiences and stories, and other things I didn’t know. It gave me some better understanding and appreciation for the cars than I thought I had.

Among some interesting cars, this 944 S2 that was converted to a “Spyder” by its owner.


Ooh. (^_^)

While I was there, I was asked to move some cars around as the shop was closing up. I got to drive a VW Eurovan Syncro (tricky reverse gear, push down and left up) , BMW Mini, an old carbureted Beetle (the first carbureted car I’ve ever driven).


And this 914 race car, the first dogleg gearbox car I’ve ever driven, and my favorite of the bunch! :)


And, if my school schedule and this place can work out, this might be my new place of work, maybe and hopefully.