I had a moment of reckoning on my next project. There's a reason some things are popular.

My 996 is soon to be stored for the winter. I’m going to save some pennies for a little rattle on the front end, and maybe a new taillight, and a battery. But then, it’ll be close to done. It’ll keep needing work but you know, less and less, and more predictably. Less of a project and more of a driver.

And I’ve been thinking about what kind of project I’d like. I’ll keep my Beetle for daily driving and winters for the time being. 911 can be my fun car or maybe even daily by next summer. But I’d like something older. And honestly, if we end up closer in to the city, then the Beetle might be sold, to make room in the monthly budget for a house payment, and literally room as I’ve only found one house with the kind of garage and parking space I’d like.


I’ve been looking at projects. I’d like:

- older, define it how you want but something pre 1990 is what I’ve thought

- no rust, I don’t know why, just don’t feel like dealing with it


- engine swappable, if needed

- manual(or swappable to a manual)

- 4 seats

- some greenhouse/headroom

- like it’s looks

I’m at least a year off from buying something, probably depending a lot on the stuff listed above, the 911, if/when and what home we buy, and if I keep the beetle. But as these things go, I’ve been perusing ads.


I’ve always like the XR4TI but I’m not crazy about it’s looks and just not sure what direction I’d take that project.

Ford Capri also appeals to me. But they are rare, do suffer some rust issues, but I suppose if I could find a nice one, I’d be pretty interested.

Older Alfas are really striking but prices are all over the place, and rust is an issue, but really, reliability is worrisome. The GtV6 is sweet, and some of the older sedans are nifty.

But really, an E30 is such a great match for my wants that I have decided most likely, it’s what I’ll look for. I think I had avoided looking because the market seemed to expensive and they are just too hip. However, I loved working on the mechanics of my old E34 and learned a lot; there are a bajillion mods, tuning options, and swaps; and they aren’t the worst sufferers of rust. Prices on them seem to have flatlined a little and I’d be content with starting with a 325es and swapping it, and ESes are particularly affordable. So, most likely, my next project will be a 0n E30. And


So, I looked on Craigslist right now and maybe the best option near me is this car. Three questionable decisions in one picture:


spoiler, wheel offset, and bumper removal. It doesn’t run(no spark) but once he gets it there he “is asking a lot more”. But it’s also straight, and cheap.

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