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I had a nightmare last night

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So my wife is pregnant and having all kinds of weird dreams lately. It must be somehow contagious because last night I legit had a dream I was trying to build a stanced GTI for a car show. Terrifying, right?


The weirdest part was that I was somehow trying to justify it to myself in the dream. “This isn’t my car, it’s a long term loaner... so it’s ok if I do something I wouldn’t normally do, right?” I was talking to my friend who was helping me do the work and I remember the words “hella flush” came out of my mouth, as well as a lengthy discussion about modifying the suspension to get as much negative camber as possible. What is wrong with my brain!? I’ve never been so happy to wake up to the real world and drive to work in my normal, non stanced, non VW.

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