I had a good meeting with a wonderful client, a great 300 mile round trip in the Sunchaser, and the best damn barbacoa I have ever eaten for lunch.


I took these when I stopped at the San Luis Reservoir visitor center on the Pacheco Pass to take my jacket off. It was about 25 degrees warmer as I crossed to the eastern side of the mountains. Behind my car in the top pic you can see Dinosaur Point, which I think really looks like a dinosaur from here.


I had to return a loaner tool to the auto parts store, and this was parked outside. I am not a big BMW guy, but the wheels got my attention. I was not crazy about the body kit, but I think there is a cool car here trying to get out.

While I like the wheels, I am not sure it is kosher to but M badged wheels on what is not an M. What say you BMW Oppos?

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