First I lost a washer fluid cap in the engine bay. I tried to fish it out to no avail, but did manage to get grease on my pants and scrape both of my hands. And then the Q’s biggest design flaw reared it’s ugly head on my commute.

In 1999, some truly thoughtless project manager approved the following: Wipers that look cool because they’re tucked under the hood, but cannot be folded for cleaning... WITH NO HEATING ELEMENT TO MELT SNOW.

That’s right. Every single time it snows you need to turn the car on, hit the wipers, then shut it off so they stay on the windshield. After that you need to dig out every single piece of snow in that little wiper pocket because if you don’t, the wipers will compact more and more snow into their little space until they are resting 1/3 of the way up on the windshield. Due to snow falling off the roof of my car (I was in a rush, no full snow clean this morning) I had to pull over TWICE this morning to solve this issue.

That’s totally unacceptable. There is no reason for skipping the heating element... it was a $50,000 car in 1999! The only logic i can think of is “we’ll cut this corner to beat the Germans on price. Rich people have garages anyway... they don’t clean snow off of their cars.”