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Hey I had a weird dream too

Most of my dreams evaporate shortly after waking, but here’s what I remember:

I rented a newer, foreign car that had driver-assist features to drive my parents and little brothers around (I’m not sure why we were all together or where we were). Almost immediately after getting on the highway, the driver assist “features” started shunting me into other lanes, ignoring my steering input, and generally trying to get us all killed. Strangely enough, my family was fairly nonchalant about it.


The highway we were on was rainy and extremely foggy and I could barely see 30ft ahead. At some point, it started getting really weird; we ended up on a ~5 car wide, 2 car deep platform (but we’re the only ones on) that was being moved from an overpass down to a lower level of the road as part of a giant rotating Ferris-wheel type thing, similar to that weird thing they have at a lock in the UK to get boats down. I freak out about being on this platform and try to back out and realize there’s nowhere to go. Then when the platform comes down to the lower road section, I end up hitting the cars already on the road from being in a weird spot on the platform.

Oh, I didn’t mention that this whole time, the car was RHD even though we were on a LHD road. I was dealing with it pretty well, and then I restarted the car for some reason after the whole platform incident. When I restarted the car, the wheel, instrument cluster, pedals and everything flickered and then showed up on the other side of the car. “Why are you making me drive?!” my brother yells. “It’s not my idea, the car reverted to LHD! It must have been set to RHD by the last person who rented it!” I yell back, as if this is a matter of driver preference and a totally normal thing for a car to be able to do.


Suddenly the cops showed up to put cuffs on me, and also my entire family, despite my protestations that this is a weird rental car and not my fault. I hang my head in shame and apologize to my parents, then I wake up.

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