...and then he turned into my neighborhood a mile further along. I’m 90% sure this guy lives a few blocks down the street from me based on a NextDoor profile picture. I have no idea if he was just playing with the gun, trying to hide the gun, trying to be hard, or pissed at me for taking a picture of his car at the previous red light. Not sure if I should

1. Just assume this is a weird isolated thing and ignore it.

2. Report this to the sheriff’s office.

3. Move.

I’m pretty sure I’m going with 1 unless I see this guy do something crazy again. I’ve never called the cops to report a driver doing something crazy in my 16 years of driving - and I’ve seen people doing so stupid and aggressive stuff, but a guy in a car with no tags waving a gun around in traffic is pretty close to the tipping point. Moving really isn’t practical right now. Maybe I should just send him flowers?

Another potato pic of Godzilla in my mirror for your time. I quite like it in white.