I had an idea about Aftermarket radios

As mentioned before, back in September I bought a 2010 Toyota Tundra SR5. It’s now been a couple months with it, and I definitely love my truck. There is one thing I wish was different though, and that is the radio:

It’s not the worse thing in the world. It’s got SXM, Bluetooth, USB, etc. However, my other car (16 Jetta) and my last truck (04 Tahoe) I installed an aftermarket radio (Pioneer AVH-4100NEX) that had Android Auto, etc. I really liked that radio and realized I’m missing it a bit in my Tundra. The problem is, with the Tundra, the stock radio isn’t square like in the Tahoe. It’s built flush into the dash with a certain look. They made a touchscreen version:


But you can only use it if you have the JBL system, which I don’t have, and upgrading would require lots more parts, and you don’t get Android Auto, etc, you just get Toyota Nav, and it’s expensive.

So really the only option is aftermarket. Problem is, most regular aftermarket radios look like garbage in the Tundra:

The other options are cheap chinese Android units, which take forever to boot up, don’t support SXM, and have sketchy support.

So that got me thinking. I wish aftermarket radio manufacturers created a single “box” that could interface with multiple screen designs. That way you don’t have to design a different radio for each car, you just have one “box” that sits behind the dash, and then an interface cable that runs to a screen/button setup that was specific to a certain car. Would also make switching between cars easy while retaining an OEM look. I know Alpine makes a “Restyle” line that retains the OEM look but it’s ungodly expensive and doesn’t even have Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.


This is probably kinda ranty and probably kinda silly in the grand scheme of things, but it’s just annoying trying to find something better and have to downgrade the looks of your truck to do it.

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