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I had an interesting thought...

It's about three brands we don't get in the US anymore. Peugeot, Citroen, and Renault.

My thought is basically about smart ways they could bring them back.

Let's start with Renault. Their connection to Nissan is no secret, and that connection could be a great way to bring them back to the US market.


Not by selling them at Nissan dealers, but at Infiniti dealers.

Selling them at Infiniti dealers could limit how much Renaults would interfere with Nissan sales, in somewhat of a similar way selling Buicks alongside GMC instead of Chevrolet works.

The lineup wouldn't be a complete copy of overseas models, instead it would be the most sensible ones that would come over, starting with the newest models, and expanding slightly with others once redesigned.

That would mean models like the Clio, Twingo, Captur, and Trafic could be the introductory models, with the Laguna, Megane, and Espace coming with a future redesign.


Selling these models at a premium level equally between Nissan and Infiniti would also likely help them be successful, in a similar way that Buick is marketed as more premium than a Chevrolet, but not as premium as a Cadillac.

Plus, the F1 connection between Renault and Infiniti probably won't hurt, either.


Then, there's Citroen and Peugeot. These brands have connections with two other companies, which could allow them to be sold at their dealers.

The way I see it, Peugeot could be sold at Toyota dealers, while Citroens get sold at Mitsubishi dealers and/or Lexus dealers.


Citroens would likely be marketed as above Mitsubishi or below Lexus on the 'premium' scale, while Peugeots would be above most Toyotas on the same scale.

Citroen dealers would get the new C1, the C3 Picasso and Aircross, C4 Aircross (which is essentially a more premium Outlander Sport) and Cactus, the entire DS line, Nemo, and for the kicker, a Pentastar V6 powered Relay (essentially the same as the Ram ProMaster) with an exclusive civilian passenger version that Ram doesn't get, to set it apart from the Ram version and not steal many sales from the commercial model offered by Ram.


Peugeot dealers would get a slightly different lineup, with no commercial models, focusing more on passenger cars with more hatchbacks and sedans, as opposed to the more CUV/MPV filled Citroen lineup.

108, 208, 308, 508, RCZ, 2008, and Bipper (this would actually be the passenger model, the Bipper Tepee, but without the Tepee designation, as not to be offensive to some people).

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