OK, there are some morning commute stories going - here's one from lunch. I don't usually drive off-site for lunch, but today was special -

- It's a beautiful sunny, warm day (ha! guess which state I live in.. Solar Vortex, y'all!) and I got to drive my E30 to work AND for an hour (30 mins each way) during lunch to go buy a couch. $270 for a brand new brand name couch - gotta love overstock sales!

- Old man driving 50 in the fast lane in an old barge from the 80s...I think it was an Oldsmobile, one of those with the swoopy rears with the fancy spare wheel mounted out back. He had a classy coat and a fedora on...he would've totally looked like a pimp (literally) if he didn't look like a 90 year old white man on his way to church

- 3 Fire engines and 2 cop cars by the freeway...why? Because somebody in a Mazda3 sedan decided to go off the freeway, clear the grassy area, through a fence and land on their roof in the field on the right. No other cars or really any reason I can think of that could've caused this in this completely straight, flat, and clear stretch of road.

- A new Rav4 with a chrome emblem that said "Cowboy" just below/almost attached to the Rav4 emblem. According to google this isn't an actual trim level on the Rav4, thank god...I'm hoping it's just some kind of dealership emblem....I got very worried when I saw it, mainly because it looked like a bottom trim level Rav4 - any pretense of ruggedness would've been really silly.

Any interesting lunchtime stories (or food experiences)?