I don’t know the date of my last post, but it had to be around May or June because I still had the VehiCROSS. The VehiCROSS is gone, by the way...it hated me and I hated it, which was a real shame because of how badly I wanted to love it. And that made me hate all cars for about six months.

I had basically resigned myself to the idea that cars, as a hobby, was never going to work out for me. And it still might not! My attention span is short, I get tired of things, I fall in and out of love very quickly.

But as Michael Scott once said, I am ready to be hurt again.

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I have my Tahoe (just went over 200k!), and I have a rented trailer. Tomorrow I go get something that people all either love or hate, or think is okay. I’ll post about it tomorrow, but here are your hints:

It is American. It’s engine is not American. It is from the 1980s.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow.

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