Ok. This is astounding. You’ll be floored.

First, some context: I rent a lot of cars. We have one vehicle and I often need to bomb out of town for airport runs, taking kids to stuff etc... and the truck is murder on gas. So, I rent a lot of cars. So many, that even without a frequent-renter membership or whatever program Avis has, I get upgrades from time-to-time.


I have a rental for this weekend. I’d booked a compact car for three days and got a smoking-good rate $75.04 for all three days, taxes included. My credit card covers the damage protections.

Anyway, they threw me an upgrade yesterday when I went to pick it up. Consequently I’m driving around in a new BMW 330i for the next few days.

Illustration for article titled I Had No Idea...

Here it is in my driveway.

All of that is pretty cool. But - and this is revolutionary information - I just found out, that contrary to everything we’ve been told, over the entire history of 3-series Bimmers, the turn signals do in fact, WORK!!!!!


I was shocked.

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