Being a car guy sucks. Even if you are happy with your current car, you are always looking for the next one. I had no idea MINI’s were so reasonable used until I was browsing Carmax and found this Cooper S Paceman for under $19,000.

I know the Paceman is one of the less popular models because it is a two door version of the massive four door version of the two door hardtop. However, looking at it more and more, I’m realizing it is actually a perfect replacement for my C30.

Both are a funky two door hatch thing that seats four. This being an S model means it’ll move out of own its way and being a MINI means it should handle pretty well, despite its size.


And wow! That interior looks amazing. I love the BRG and saddle brown color combo.


The seats are heated. Panoramic sunroof. Cruise control. Paddle shifters. Sirius XM built in, Bluetooth built in... (all things my car is lacking)

I’m really considering one of these very soon to replace my Volvo.