Until I saw this.

Passing by a local RV dealer today, I did a double-take and almost turned around to get a closer look at it. But I waited until I got home so that I could pull some pictures off of the internets instead of subjecting you to the best my potato cam could muster. I’m not even in the market or anything, but for a moment I thought I was looking at some fascinating resto-mod.


But it’s not a resto-mod! Apparently this is a NEW trailer, called the Terry Classic. Combining old styling cues with today’s modern niceties, it even comes in different colors.

(What, were you expecting a chessboard floor and matching interior colors? Or perhaps wood paneling and shag carpeting? ...Yeah, I kinda was too.)

But the important question is- what would you tow one with? It’s too much to pull behind those ’02-’05 T-birds. How about one of those retro “Big 10” Silverados instead?


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