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I had the same car as Mike in 'Better Call Saul'! 84 Fifth Avenue !

Did you all watch 'Better Call Saul' this week? We finally see Mike's car, and its badass elegance - 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue!

My first car! (sniff) an alumni donated the car to my college, and I ended up buying it in 1992 for the total sum of $1,000. Had 82,000 miles. But it also had leather and was so pimp. The engine was a V8 making 140hp - clunky 3 speed auto. But ran like a champ.


I remember it never look better than when it was me giving a ride to 5 other girls to a party back in college, it was an awesome party. I was badass once for sure.

If I could '12 Monkey' into the past, I'd stop myself from being an absolute stupid dumbass and trading this for a Renault Alliance 2 years later. God, I was an idiot. This car was strong and was the panther of its era (Cop cars used the same chassis)

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