I had the weirdest thought...

...in part because of the circumstances under which I had it but that is a story for the adult section of Oppo.

What would have been if the Cimarron by Cadillac™ hadn't been based on the frankly rubbish J-Body, but on the slightly larger rear-wheel-drive V-body instead?


Think about it. What matters in the luxury car market is prestige, which the Cimarron lacked miserably. Cadillac badging isn't worth double the price of a Chevy Cavalier. The basis for a rear-wheel-driven Cadillac to compete directly against european offerings was already there in form of the Opel Senator, which in its home market was already fighting against the Mercedes S-Class. I believe that this could have had some distinct advantages over the J-Body:

a) RWD. If you want prestige, make your car RWD. FWD is most often associated with cheap, uninspired econoshitboxes (does this remind you of something?) while RWD is associated with finely balanced sports sedans as well as top tier racing cars, which brings me to

b) Race Car. In it's earlier incarnations the V-Body enjoyed quite a bit of success in motorsports, most notably the Steinmetz versions of the Commodore A which in its day could give the BMWs and Ford Capris a run for their money, not to mention the successes in Australia that were to follow.


Marketing could have played that card along the lines of "Something something Motorsport, something something beat BMW, something something fast". Speaking of fast...

c) Cadillac Cimarron V. Being RWD there would have been plenty of room for powerful engines, maybe a nice V8 or the Turbo V6 from the Buick Grand National. And if the engineers were doing their homework with the chassis they could have made a brilliant super sedan, maybe even beat BMW to it and invented the genre. Cadillac could have been the benchmark for performance saloons that everyone including BMW was aspiring to beat nowadays.


d) Coupé version. Every decent luxury sedan has a Coupé version. The 5-series has the 6-series, the S-Class the SEC, the RR Silver Shadow the Carmague etc... Thankfully GMs german division thought of that as well.


(Not to be confused with the Chevrolet Monza)

e) Germany. Being based on a german car and platform Cadillac could have used that to their advantage and given the Cimarron another prestige (and probably quality) boost. Also no one in america would have known that the Cimarron was just a rebadge because GM hadn't sold any V-body cars in america before so no one could tell.


This was just a short thought of mine I had while sitting on the throne. You can now give your opinions or go away and do something productive. I'd do the latter.

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