I had to replace the supercharged Xterra

So I bought a 2013 Frontier...

It’s a one owner truck bought new and serviced at the Nissan dealer I bought it from (Barrie Nissan). It’s pretty loaded and came with a folding tonneau cover. She’s a 4.0L, 4x4 with a 6-speed stick. I’m happy with it and it’s damn near mint for a 5 year old truck.


As for my supercharged Xterra, I had an oncoming Civic swerve for a deer an come into my lane, I swerved for them and absolutely launched the truck through a ditch and into a field. Even though it still runs mint the frame is right bent. This summer we’ll take the body, motor, trans and transfer case from the bent Xterra and put them all on the straight frame of my parts truck and build a fun little off-road rig out of it.

But for now, I’ve got something a hell of a lot more reliable, slightly more economical, and with three pedals.

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