i had to trade-in my first set of license plates

I’ve had these on my car for 10 years, but they were part of the Ontario batch that were poorly laminated. For non-Ontarians, our boring-ass license plates are basically plastic-wrapped steel plates and my old plates (started with BEZK, and all early B-series plates seem to be fucked). My last trip through the car wash finally punched a hole clear through the plastic laminate. When I finally took the plates off my car and slid it out from the dealer plate frame (which is now removed) the plastic sheet peeled right off. It turns out the plate frame was really keeping the laminate “stuck” to the steel plate.

Anyways, the new ones are squeaky clean (new C-series plates). I asked the lady how long these would last and she simply said she doesn’t know but time would tell.


Luckily, despite the fact that the Ontario government website says that plates would only be replaced free after 5 years (my plates are around 10 years old) I managed to get out having lost $0.

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