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I hamberdered it.

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so I stuck a drill in between my thumb and forefinger. about a 7/16 drill bit, one of those expensive fancy ones that sends ribbons of hot steel flying. It didn’t really even hurt, but boy howdy is it going to tomorrow.


I was drilling out spotwelds on an old quarter panel for an old plymouth. The Doctor asked if I was dealing with rust (he knows what I get up to) so that bought me a tetanus shot. He then asked me to what degree it was dirty (mousey) I said it was in a junkard for 45 years and had a dead bird in it, that bought me a course of antibiotics.

How’d it happen? let’s say a picnic table is not an appropriate place to do metalwork, but that would have been better than the bit of plywood on top of a fender stand I was using (as seen in my last post). I was not using a spotweld cutter, just a cordless drill I know goddamned well better than to have my other hand somewhere I can jam a drill in it. But a little awkward positioning, and not stopping to put it right sent me to the doctor for some stitches. (he didn’t stitch it in the end due to risk of infection) Being Canada though, I drilled into my hand, went to see my family doctor, got fixed up, a tetanus shot, and a bottle of horse pills and was home within an hour of drilling myself. Mrs doorhandle got me some cheez-its and the kids and I are going to watch some superstore.


Love to my American friends, good things are coming, even if it gets worse before it gets better, stay united.


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