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i has a work problem

ive aquired a fragile little flower

dudes capable enough and picks things up pretty quick long as you go softly softly when teaching him


but he goes full on frightened rabbit soon as theres pressure or he has responsibility...... and im pretty sure he’ll cry if anyone actually gets pissed off at him

ive been shielding him from the higher pressure jobbies/more volatile co workers so far... but i think thats a mistake...


still.. i dont want to throw him under the bus...

never worked with someone this thin skinned n nervy before.... dude makes me nervous just being around him

(hes also incapable of giving a yes or no answer.... wich might actually make me get pissed off at him sooner or later.... its a yes or no question... not an invite for a 20 minute chat fuuuuuuuuuuuck....)

anyhoo... im guessing the advice will be to stop shielding him and see if he makes it.... but i still had to ask

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