I had a freak accident early this evening.

I was fired up to do a little lawn work this evening.

Ripped out two small bushes by hand.

Sprayed some weeds.

Sprayed some Gardentech Sevin on the hedges so I can get in between them without being bitten/stung by insects.

Grabbed the electric trimmers and went at it.

One down.

Two down.

Started on #3...and then I lost my balance.

Oddly, it felt like someone pinched my finger real hard and really quickly.

Was going to go to urgent care but they were closed. So I drove myself to the E.R.


...do you really want to see the “before” picture? I tried to get the P.A. to draw 2 dots above the stitches to make my finger look like it has a sad face. No luck.

To my surprise, I was in and out in less than 90 minutes.

Good thing that I have a high tolerance for pain.

Anyway, have fun photo shopping my finger. Goodnight, Oppo.