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I hate 90's Mazda ignition systems.

Out and about late at night driving around with 2 MX-6's, a Lantis Type R and a couple of skylines..

We were with a huge group of cars (approx 60+) out and about doing very legal things in industrial parks, we finished up what we were doing and headed to the local BP to chill out, where of course I turned my car off. Cue the next 3 hours from 1.30 to 4.30 going back and forth between the opposite ends of the city to pickup a tow vehicle, drop the Lantis off, grab a tow strop, then tow the MX6 for over an hour at 60kmh. Iā€™m getting rid of the stock igniter and coil and going to an LS1 coil probably.


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