Work’s policy is if the weather is bad and you can’t make it to work, work from home. Well the weather is questionable, but I’m still making the 40-60 minute commute because I know I can. Meanwhile people who live 10 minutes away are most likely staying home.

I guess you can say I’m a bit jealous. I don’t like lying, and I’m not a fan of twisting the truth either. If I know the truth but dont want to admit it, I keep my mouth shut. But if I don’t show up at work, I have to tell my manager why I’m not in the building, which is where I can’t lie. I can’t tell my manager “I can’t make it to the office” when I know I can.

I have a good gauge of what I can and can’t do in a car, and any bad weather it’s the same story: keep space between you and the car in front, brake early, keep your speed down, and be aware that you might lose tire grip (also prepare for it). I’m not a fantastic driver, but I know enough to get by.

I know, I know, not a lot of you can relate to this issue. But it sort of annoys me how some people get away with it.


Anyways, drive safe my fellow Michiganders and opponauts.