I’ve been working on a side project for work today that required me to drive around to several places in Berkeley. It has the closest OfficeDepot and closest used record store. But it’s Berkeley and weird comes with the territory.

First off, driving in Berkeley sucks. Why you ask? The roads are Europe-narrow, full of drivers who look confused, and the bicycle to car ratio is way off. Oh, and parking is a nightmare.

I managed to find a parking spot in the OfficeDepot lot (miracle that they have one) and went inside. A hippie looking lady is in front of me in line. She turns around, and without saying a word, smiles and hands me a business card with a pin attached.

Now there’s some undertones here about Trump not being inclusive and blah blah blah. Look, I get it. You’re a pacifist and you don’t know what to do with your anger. The rest of us simply mash our right foot into the thing that turns hydrocarbons into dopamine. People of Berzerkeley, you need a track day.

On a brighter note, the project is coming along pretty well. We moved into a new office this week and I happened to start a bit of an internal meme using pictures of my coworkers in fake album art. So popular in fact, that people want the art on the walls. Let the framing commence.


In retrospect, I should have some some small ones with CD’s. WAAAAY easier.