The brake system is the most annoying system in any car. Gross fluids, stupid springs, crappy rubber parts, everything that is annoying on its own amalgamated into one abominable mess. Here’s how to remove the front brake hoses on a SAAB 95:

After removing the union nut and separating the hard line, there a retaining nut that can only be removed by sticking a socket wrench with an extended socket through a hole in the inner fender. You can’t remove it from the inside because line runs at an angle through the inner fender, so there’s no clearance for the wrench to turn. And you can’t make that clearance by putting on an extension because then you have no space for your hands. So you have to stick the wrench through the opening, socket on the inside, handle sticking through at an angle on the outside, which gives just enough space to loosen the nut one click at a time. It’s super fun!

Then you get to put the new hose in! Same deal, get the nut finger tight, and then wrench it down one click at a time.


Old hose. Passenger side was even worse, I think it may have been original, this side had been swapped out before.