Brakes. Like tires & engine oil there is no right or wrong, just pros & cons(hence why I hate bringing it up).

Not my brakes.

It’s no lie I drive my car like it’s going to wrecking yard tomorrow. Having almost lost my brakes at the track, next year I want to step up my brake game. I’m still pretty new performance driving, so I’ll admit I don’t know much. I only started doing it the beginning of this summer. I’ve also learned lots in those 6-ish months, but there is lots more to learn.


I know there is no true street/track set up. Just a good street, & ok track. Just ok street, & good track. Since most of my driving I’ll go with 1st of 2 given ones. The factory specs are DOT 4, looking around there are plenty of options. From the factory it also has good size brakes(MT got 60-0 in 124ft back in 2011), so rotor size is not a concern at the moment.

All that said after combing over factory specs, & such. I think I have devised a good plan: ATE TYP200/SuperBlue, I have heard lots of good about it & the price is less then Motul. For the pads I’m considering Stoptech 309s, from various track groups I’ve been told it’s a good happy medium. The rotors has not a mega concern, iron is iron. That’s my very uneducated idea, go ahead & tear it apart.