I have a settlement conference in a really annoying case where my client is being sued for allegedly stealing a pay per view boxing broadcast and showing it at his business.

The problem is that my client operates a liquor store in a bad neighborhood. It has no cable, internet, or antenna. It has only a closed circuit security camera with a monitor behind the counter. The last thing my client wants is to have customers loitering in the store and watching a sporting event. When people hang out im a liquor store, they steal.


These lawyers only do this kind if case. They advertise that they will pay for people to sign affidavits stating that they saw an illegal pay per view broadcast at a private business, and then they litigate with scorched earth tactics to deter theft. I get that they want to protect their property, but I think their paid witness scammed them. He took pictures of my client’s business from the outside, and the only car in the lot was an employee.

They have no photo of a TV where the witness saw the broadcast. Just the statement they paid for, and outside photos.


I cannot believe I might have to do a trial in federal court on this.

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