I tossed my damaged motorcycle up on craigslist for $500, and was very clear about the damage in the ad I posted.

Responses in the last 9 hours:

-Offer to trade a “PS4 and 8 games”

-Offer to trade “2 12" r2 Rockford fosgate subs and a Rockford fosgate amp”

-Two more “Wanna trade?” emails without even an offer of what they want to trade.

-Someone asking me “Is run good?”

-People asking me if the bike is still available: 4

EDIT at the 20 hour mark:

-Email consisting of “Call me [phone number]”

-Actual email with coherent grammar, a reasonable request(bigger pics of damage), a request to see the bike, and a politely sympathetic note about my crash/injury. I’ve got high hopes for this guy.