My wife and I moved recently to an area that allows us to carpool to work, since her new route takes her right past my office. Since her lease car is over on miles, we take my truck almost everyday. It has electric power seats for the driver and passenger, forward/back, up/down, tilt forward/rearward, lumbar support.

I liked it, could fine tune to the exact seating position I wanted, and that seat position stayed that way for several months at a time since I was the only one driving my truck. But, now that my wife (who’s about a foot shorter than me) and I are sharing my truck that seat always has to go from one extreme position to the opposite. And I can never get it back to where it was before. Having the button to store seat settings was not an option for my truck otherwise I would have opted for it.

The problem is that because the electronic seat has 4 inputs that can make extreme small positional changes each time you press it, there’s damn near an infinite number of positions the seat can be in. Now every time I go to drive my seat position just doesn’t feel right and the my OCD won’t let me keep it where it is, I need to have it where it was before. Also feel the need to mention that electronic seats are so slowwwwww when making adjustments.

Now to my previous owned vehicle Jeep Wrangler, it had mechanical seats, up/down, front/back, and tilt forward/rearward. But every adjustment lever had a notch essential that it would lock into. Meaning there might be only 4 settings for height, 5 for front/back, and 5 for tilt/reverse (rough guess). Now there’s only 100 total positions the drivers seat can be in and it made it far easier to find “your” driving position, since one notch either way puts you in a very different driving position.


Either give me mechanical seats or make the stored settings a standard feature when you get power adjustable seats.